Natalie Cima


Dr. Natalie Cima Dejesse was born and raised in a Chiropractic lifestyle. She started working with her father, Dr. James Cima, when she was a teenager. She saw the amazing impact that her father, as well as chiropractic, had on people’s lives. It was from this point on that she knew she wanted to be able to help people look, live, and feel better. After graduating high school in 2000, she attended Palm Beach Atlantic University. She focused on the sciences needed to get into chiropractic school.

In 2004, Natalie graduated from PBAU with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She was enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida. Natalie Graduated with her Doctorate of Chiropractic in December 2007 as well as receiving her Florida license to practice. She started practicing with her father in January 2008. Her greatest two passions are working with dancers as well as pediatrics and pregnancy.

She also continues to learn a great deal from her father so that she too can become a "Doctor of the Future."