Hello, my name is Dr. James Cima, the developer of this program. I started my professional journey in nutrition back in 1979. That was when I was introduced to biochemical blood chemicals and how they could be used to determine a person's diet and any gland or organ malfunction they may have, and the nutritional or nutraceutical support necessary to balance biochemistry. My initial reaction was how profound the blood chemistry analysis was: That I could determine nutritional protocol besides diseases. I was hooked from the moment I learned about I have been traveling this biochemical nutritional journey for the last 40 years and I welcome you to join alongside me.

Dr. George Goodheart started, "The body is intricately simple and simply intricate." The same is true for biochemistry, the biochemistry of the body is "The body is intricately simple and simply intricate". My purpose for this website is to give you the 20% of what you need to know about your patient's nutrition so you can achieve the 80% of your patient results regarding nutrition.

The 3 questions the CimaSystem answers are: 1. What are the perfect foods for that specific patient, remember one man’s food is another mans poison 2. Was my patient able to digest, assimilate, metabolize and remove toxic waste from their body? 3. Which supplements are needed to improve the function of the patient?

Answering these three questions is vital to improving the health of any patient. The perfect diagnostic method used today is a biochemical blood chemistry analysis that all doctors use. Traditional medicine uses blood chemistry analysis to diagnose disease and prescribe medication appropriately.

The Cima System took the same blood tests, narrowed down the pathological reference ranges from the laboratories, and by using mathematical formulas created what we called functional physiologic ranges. By creating functional physiologic ranges we can determine which organs or glands would be malfunctioning before the disease state. Then by using the right supplementation and diet the body could correct the underlying causes and prevent heart disease, diabetes, thyroid malfunction, gallbladder problems, etc. You get the picture. We could also treat patients that already had the diseases and get success with them as well. Medications could be reduced or eventually eliminated.

The excitement comes on follow-up blood tests when you and the patient see improvement with their test results. It is amazing how you will feel when you see diabetics come off their medications or people on blood pressure medication etc. Not only that but you're rational is backed up by sound evidence and explanations.

So the purpose of Biochemical blood chemistry is to determine how the endocrine system, which controls digestion, metabolism, assimilation, detoxification, growth, and repair, is functioning. Then once determined we can use the appropriate nutritional protocol including diet and nutraceuticals to balance the endocrine system thereby increasing a patient’s metabolic function, health, and vitality.